About Dr. Dorrien

Dr. Dorrien Hinsey is a champion and cheerleader in the world of marriage and family growth.  He has spent many years studying the art of marriage and what it takes to make a marriage great.  Dorrien believes that when a couple has made the decision to marry, they are making the decision to give up almost everything about themselves and combine their life with the life of another. 

Dr. Dorrien enjoying a cake pop at a wedding. 

Dr. Dorrien enjoying a cake pop at a wedding. 

For over 15 years Dorrien has invested in the lives of couples.  From meeting with couples over performing their wedding, to meeting extensively with couples who are experiencing a tough time in their marriage, to meeting with couples preparing them for marriage, Dorrien has spent a lot of time helping couples embrace marriage.  

In addition to officiating his share of weddings, Dorrien also has excelled in the art of coaching marriages.  Over the years Dorrien has had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of couples helping them learn how to embrace and love each other more.  Dorrien has attended conferences by Dr John Gottman and agrees with what he calls “The Four Horsemen.  Dr Gottman states, “Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness and Stonewalling are four areas if seen in a couples relationship can lead to a break up.”  When meeting with couples, Dorrien will discuss these four areas and together with the couple, come up with ways to avoid them.

Dorrien believes that “couples who press in on tough areas in their relationship are the couples that last long.” Here are some areas couples struggle with in their relationship: 

  • Communication: Not talking enough or being respectful
  • Conflict: Not fighting fair. No plan for conflict
  • Fun: Not laughing enough
  • Humility: No compassion or humility in the relationship
  • Setting Boundaries: Not setting good boundaries with family and friends
  • Sex: Not doing it well or enough
  • Money: Never have enough of it or not managing it well
  • Religion: How to live 

Dorrien is a passionate marriage coach who really cares about couples doing well in their marriage.  Dorrien is patient when taking couples through the process of getting married.  Dorrien also invites couples to consider having him meet with them for pre-marriage and after marriage sessions.

Dr. Dorrien is an approved wedding officiant of the state of Ohio.  Dr. Dorrien is the Lead Pastor of the Compass Community Church who follows all beliefs and adhers to all guidelines associated to marriage.  Dr. Dorrien holds a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Counseling.