The Vow Renewal Ceremony is a wonderful way for couples to celebrate their lives together as husband and wife and the ability to receive blessing for years to come.  This ceremony includes a welcome, opening remarks, a special reading on love, a vow renewal, the kiss and then a prayer of blessing over your marriage.

Sample Vow Renewal Outline

Welcome: Welcome everyone 

Statement of Purpose:  Informs guest of why they are here.

Declaration of Intent:  Affirms what you both have accomplished and what you have agreed to.

Dan you have accepted this woman to be your wife.  To love her, take care of her, comfort her, honor her, to keep her in sickness and in health, and to forsake all others and be faithful to her thus far.  Now as you continue in this union, ___________ will you continue to have this woman to be your wife; to live together in the holy covenant of marriage?  Will you love her, comfort her, honor her and keep her, in sickness and in health and forsaking all others, be faithful to her so long as you both shall live?  If so answer, “I will.” 

Special Reading or Prayer

Words of Encouragement:  A special word of encouragement

Words of Admiration:  you have done well.

Special encouragement: continue to do well

Vow Renewal:  

“I, Dan, take you Sue to be my wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and health, to love and to cherish, ‘til death do us part; as God is my witness, I give you my promise.”

Giving & Receiving of Rings

Lighting of Candles  

Prayer of Blessings

Pronouncement of Marriage

The Kiss

The Presentation:  Present the Bride and Groom to the audience.